Board of Directors

President – Ken Shaw

Vice President – Veronika Stewart

Director – James McNish

Director – Jeannie Parnell

Director – Lucia McCann

Director – George Emes

Director – Sarah Dantzer

Board of Directors of Transition Prince Rupert Society

Elected annually at an Annual General Meeting.

Note: Founding member and now Mayor of Prince Rupert Lee Brain resigned from the Board of Directors in September 2015.

This group meets monthly and is responsible for the affairs of the society.  As the legal and political entity of TPRS, this is where “the buck stops here” decisions are made.

The publication Primer for Directors of Not-For-Profit Corporations: Rights, Duties and Practices published by Industry Canada, outlines the duties, liabilities, rights, and powers of directors.  In short, Directors are empowered and responsible for ensuring that the activities of the society are carried out in a proper manner.  Directors are referred to as Trustees in the Transition Companion where the Totnes structure is provided as an example.

Director responsibilities are summarized as following

  • Duty of Knowledge – must know certain aspects of the society
  • Duty of Care – act honestly and in the best interest of the society
  • Duty of Skill and Prudence ���director should act cautiously and anticipate any probable consequences of actions taken.
  • Duty of Diligence – act in the best interest of the society and be as fully informed as reasonably possible.
  • Duty to Manage – establish policies, provide guidance, and have adequate knowledge
  • Fiduciary Duty – act in a way that personal interests do not conflict with the society.  These are often financial in nature.

Director Qualifications

  • Must be a member in good standing of the Transition Prince Rupert Society
  • Must have completed an official Transition Launch workshop or equivalent training such as the Transition Prince Rupert Orientation Workshop.
  • Have demonstrated leadership in Transition.