Join Our Leadership Team!


Becoming a member of Transition Prince Rupert’s Steering Committee is the best way for interested members of the community to get involved in the Transition process. To help accommodate the busy schedules that have become the hallmark of our modern lives, and in the spirit of local agricultural and seasonal change, Transition Prince Rupert renews its Steering Committee seasonally. This is so that community members can move in and out of a leadership role in Prince Rupert’s Transition process when it is timely for them.

Our Committee Seasons:

  • The Growing Season – January to Seafest (June)
  • The Celebration Season – June to September
  • The Planning Season – September to December

We have designed this whole process to make the Steering Committee environment a fun and engaging atmosphere that emphasizes two developmental components:

  • Internal – Leadership practice & group facilitation skills
  • External – Community engagement & projects

Our philosophy is that the process of creating projects and events should be just as fun as the results themselves, thus the Steering Committee is an opportunity for community members to learn new skills and practice facilitation in a safe, comfortable environment. Meetings are properly designed and facilitated in order to remedy bad practices in group dynamics. Members will be involved with planning and implementing local community projects of their own design!

How To Join:

1. To become a member of the Transition Prince Rupert Steering Committee, you must first become a member of the Transition Prince Rupert Society (TPRS). Membership is yearly at a cost of $10, which includes a members benefits package.

2. Once you’ve become a member, it is required to attend a Transition Orientation Workshop in order to familiarize yourself with the Transition process and give you the facilitation tools necessary to be in a highly functioning group process.

3. Then you get involved and commit to a season that works for your schedule!

Steering Committee Terms of Reference 

The Steering Group has been created as a special committee of the Transition Prince Rupert Society. The Steering Group shall report on its activities at each Director’s Meeting and refer the following types of decisions to the Directors.

1. Those of a fiduciary nature

2. Those of a legal nature

3. Those of a significant public relations issue

4. Those of a policy nature that affect the operations of the TPRS society.

5. Those of a political nature

Steering Group Objectives

1. Support the formation of working groups

2. Awareness raising

3. Develop partnerships with appropriate groups

4. Support project development

5. Provide training and education

6. Develop experience working with and connecting to different groups within TPRS

7. Model good working relationships and decision making processes

8. Carry out internal education and skill development within the group


A seasonal steering group shall be established for 4 month periods as defined below.

Fall – September to December

Winter ��� January to June

Spring/Summer – July- August


1. A member of the Transition Prince Rupert Society

2. Must have completed an official Transition Launch workshop or equivalent training such as the

Transition Prince Rupert Orientation Workshop.


Quorum for the steering group shall be defined as a minimum of 5 members of which 2 are directors.


The steering group is guided by the constitution and bylaws of the Transition Prince Rupert Society. It shall conduct itself and make decisions according to Julian Grigg’s Facilitation manual. The steering committee chair shall be appointed by the TPRS Board of Directors.

The Steering Group may create a number of sub-committees to undertake its work. These subcommittees shall elect themselves a chair for the purposes of organizing the work and reporting back to the main steering committee. Beyond that, the sub-committees are free to govern themselves in a manner they see fit. It is expected that they will operate in a much more informal manner.