Transition Orientation Workshop

The Transition Orientation Workshop is a 4 hour introduction to the Transition Model and Group Facilitation. This workshop is designed for participants to get to know each other, learn new skills and also have fun through interactive activities. Workshops will be held based on interest and are encouraged if you are interested in joining our Leadership Team.

Workshop Details:

Part 1 – The Transition Town Model

You will learn:

– Why do Transition
– How Does Transition Work?
– What are the key elements to Transition?
– How does each phase work, and how big is the scale?
– What is Permaculture and Resilience?
– What are other communities doing around the world?

We will assess: How do I fit into the picture of Transition?

Part 2 – Introduction to Group Facilitation

– What is Group Facilitation?
– What does a Facilitator do?
– Group Norms & Roles
– Stages to Group Development
– How to Run an Effective Meeting
– Personalities and Group Conflict
– Best practices in a group environment

These parts may be divided into two separate workshops in the future.