Transition 101

Welcome to Transition Prince Rupert!

Transition is a global movement happening in over 2000 communities in 34 countries. It began in 2005 in England and has since gone viral all around the world.

Transition is an exciting community transformation model. Through entering into this inclusive and diverse process, communities begin to address high level system changes such as implementing locally owned renewable energy co-ops, large scale local food production, and even local currencies. Utilizing a series of proven tools and principles, as well as grounded into a framework that guides communities into collectively solving their own problems, transition is about adapting to the challenges of the 21st Century. Communities all around the world are mobilizing around Transition, due to its focus on being creative, thinking outside the box, and most of all having fun.

For more information on the principles that guide the global network of Transition communities, their website has a wealth of resources that explain everything from how to create healthy group dynamics, how to spearhead impactful projects through community involvement, and so much more! See their website for more details.