Fruit Tree Map

Fruit Tree Mapping Project

Lead Organizer: Dr. Barb Faggetter

Organization: Ocean Ecology


Project Website: Prince Rupert Fruit Tree Mapping Tool

Project Outline:

Once fruit trees and gardens were common in Prince Rupert.  Now, very few remain.  However, some of the old bushes and trees still exist, and continue to bear fruit.  Other trees have been planted more recently by people experimenting with fruit production in Prince Rupert.  The Tree Mapping project would like to increase public awareness of fruit production in Prince Rupert by locating and mapping existing fruit tree, nut trees, and fruit bushes.  As part of the project, the different types and cultivars of fruit trees will be observed to see which ones do best in our climate.  Ultimately, these healthy trees and bushes will provide seeds and cuttings to encourage the propagation of more plants.  Food security will be greatly enhanced by having a “fruit tree in every yard”.  Young people and novice gardeners can begin learning about the seasons of growth and fruiting by planting a small sapling and watching it grow into a fruit-bearing tree.  Tree owners who would like to be involved in crop-sharing will be connected with people who are interested in pruning and harvesting trees.

How to be involved:

The purpose of the tool is to:

  • determine which domestic fruit and nut cultivars are best for our region
  • build a database of healthy viable fruit trees and bushes which can be used as stock for seeds and cuttings
  • build community
  • steward urban orchards
  • share harvests
  • help policymakers