Generation Station

Generation Station

Team Leader: Kelli Hawkins

Organization: Transition Prince Rupert


Team:  Joe Daniels, Veronika Stewart, Bond Jonas, Kim Pilfod

Technical Team: Kyle Wingfield, Kevin Stewart, Dallas Allison

Project Outline:

Based on the model from Empower Playgrounds, we are seeking to create a similar project here in Prince Rupert, ideally at Moose Tot Park. The intention would be to have an energy generating merry-go-round that will power a large display of lights, and potentially a cell phone charging station for parents as well. This is to get children interested in the idea of sustainable energy, as well as providing a unique sense of fun for the kids and pride in the community.

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Empower Playgrounds Model:

merry-go-round title

The EPI platform merry-go-round allows many children to ride while a few take turns pushing. The generation train starts with a hub bearing to which the entire deck of the merry-go-round is attached. A drive shaft from the hub connects to a helical gearbox operating as a speed-increaser. The high-speed output shaft then turns a permanent rare earth magnet windmill generator. The efficiency of this generator is over 70%. The electricity generated by the merry-go-round and all other play equipment in the EPI system is carried by underground wires to a power enclosure, created by Goal Zero, where it is converted to direct current and used to charge a large AGM deep cycle battery (much like those found in golf carts). In the enclosre, a state-of-the-art MPPT (maximum power point tracking) power controller effectively manages the charging and discharging of the storage batteries, protecting against drainage and ensuring long battery life.

How to be involved:

Do you have technical experience to offer? Please contact Kelli Hawkins for more information

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  1. Excellent!! To take it a little farther, perhaps powering a public wifi access point? Our city does own an internet company after all.