Laughing Lichen Herb & Tea

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Be Wild, Buy Wild!

Description: We are small business located in Northwestern Canada. We harvest wild plants and Non-timber forest products from the Northwest Territories and Northern British Columbia. With our wild herbs we make body products, teas, spices and herbal remedies.


Laughing Lichen Prince Rupert

Our aim is to teach others the benefits of living with nature, and to harvest and sell local wild foods and wild herbs in a sustainable and ethical manner. We cater our products to the needs of our clients. We strive to promote local and Canadian sourced ingredients such as our beeswax and essential oils. We harvest all of our wild plants by hand in remote areas of northern Canada where the air is clean and pure.

We practice ethical harvesting methods, and never take more than we need. As a rule of thumb no more then 25% of a single plant population is collected. Medicinal plant workshops are available upon request.

We sell herbs, tea, spices and salves made with locally harvested plants from northern Canada. Keep an eye out at the local craft fairs and Farmers Market for our table. You can also call us, or email to purchase any products.


 Retail Locations:

  • Sitka Studios on Haida Gwaii in Tlell
  • Down to Earth Gallery in Yellowknife, N.T.
  • Maria Health Food and Specialties, Prince George, BC
  • Seahorse Trading Company in Prince Rupert, BC.