Vote for us in the BCAA Play Here competition for Mckay Street Park!

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Vote for us in the BCAA Play Here competition for Mckay Street Park!

Help us win up to $100,000 to help support the redevelopment of Mckay Street Park! These funds will not cover the full proposed design, but will get us well on our way – allowing us to clear the park grounds and implement a play and picnic area. You can vote online 4X a day until June 18th through your various online accounts (via Facebook, Twitter, Google, and email accounts).  Vote by clicking the following link, scroll down to Mckay Street Park, and click the bottom right hand corner where it says ‘vote’ to help us make this park a reality! : 


In addition, Global TV is interviewing all the communities who are finalists for the BCAA Play Here grant (and yay, we are doing pretty well keeping up on votes – so keep at it!!!). They are doing a TV interview Wednesday, May 31st at 8:15 am in front of Mckay Street Park. They are getting us to Skype in – and they want to see how well this park project is supported. Let’s show them what we’ve got!! Veronika Stewart, VP of Transition PR will be at the park starting at 8 am – if we can rally as many kids, residents from the neighbourhood and Prince Rupert as a whole – we can really show them that we want/need this money! 

Mckay Street Park Fundraising Begins

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Mckay Street Park Fundraising Begins

The conceptual designs for the Mckay Street Park revitalization project are now finished – now it’s time to get to work fundraising to make this park a reality! On behalf of the Mckay Street Park steering committee, Transition Prince Rupert has started a gofundme page  to begin to gather funds to start clearing the site and make small improvements as we apply for grants and to private donors for the bigger park components. 

A big thank you to all the organizations who have supported and guided the project so far! Kaien Anti Poverty Society, the Ministerial Association, Transition Prince Rupert, Northern Health, Bahai Youth Empowerment Group, Salmonberry Trading, Success by 6, the City of Prince Rupert, City Repair and their design team, Northern Savings Credit Union, and Northwest Community College. Also – to those organizations who sponsored the design – the Port of Prince Rupert, Redesign Rupert, DP World, and Rupert Wood and Steel for lending their expertise to the design team for cost estimating

Mckay Street Park Design Event

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Mckay Street Park Design Event

Tell the designers for the Mckay Street Park what you think of their designs! After meetings with local youth and community members, there are 3 main design ideas for the park that will be shared at the event.



Your feedback will help decide what the park will look like!

DATE: September 14th
TIME: 3 pm – 6 pm
PLACE: In front of KAPs office (‘free store’) at the M’akola Mckay Street Housing development

**If you are unable to make this event, please be advised that we intend to have the display set up in a variety of locations around town, and are considering distributing an online survey as well. For a link to the online survey, check out our Facebook Page

We’d love to see you at this event – the whole community is welcome. Come out and share your opinion on the design concepts. These designs were developed by collecting feedback from local area residents and also through ideas collected from the Placemaking workshop held in January. With your feedback, this is a major first step in transforming the Mckay Street park into something magical for the neighbourhood and the community!

Once the designs are finalized, the next step will be to work as hard as we possibly can to get more sponsorship. We’d like to thank our current sponsors for the design portion of the project — DP World, the Port of Prince Rupert, Redesign Rupert and the City of Prince Rupert, as well as the designers–City Repair, Communitecture, and Caitlin Pope Daum Landscape Architecture for all of their hard work in making our ideas come to life. Not only that, but we’d like to thank Northern Saving Credit Union, BG Canada, and Northwest Community College, for helping to bring Mark Lakeman to Prince Rupert for the talk/workshops provided in January.

One more big thank you to our steering committee, who have helped push forward this project from the outset – Kaien Anti Poverty Society, the Bahai Fellowship, Prince Rupert Early Years, Salmonberry Trading and the Ministerial Association for your input and support (Phewph! Sorry if we’ve missed anyone!). This is truly a team effort, and we can’t wait to get moving on making this dream a reality.

Hope to see you there!



supported by - TPRS mckay st

2016 Coastal Gardening Series

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2016 Coastal Gardening Series

It’s getting to be that time again, folks. Are you interested in learning more about how you can create a beautiful and productive garden in our climate? Or already have a green thumb and want to learn some new tricks? Check out this year’s gardening talk and workshop schedule! More information to come once details are confirmed.

TPRS-Gardening Series 2016-FINAL

Placemaking a Prince Rupert hit!

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Placemaking a Prince Rupert hit!
A wide range of community members came together to learn about Placemaking from Portland’s City Repair project.
Organized by Transition Prince Rupert, over 45 representatives from across Prince Rupert – City staff, Councillors, and a range of community organizations and individuals came together this weekend to learn about Placemaking from Portland’s City Repair initiative. The public talk on Friday night was also attended by over 200 residents. It was truly inspiring to see how people came together to re-imagine their neighbourhoods and beyond. As an organization, Transition Prince Rupert is happy to see the concept of placemaking taking hold in our beautiful little community.
For more information on the work of City Repair, check out this TED talk given by founder Mark Lakeman.

For more information about how you can be involved, contact us at Transition Prince Rupert at

Placemaking Workshop – January 8th, 9th, and 10th, 2016

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Placemaking Workshop – January 8th, 9th, and 10th, 2016

Transition Prince Rupert members and residents of Prince Rupert are invited to attend “Placemaking Prince Rupert” – a workshop held by Mark Lakeman by Portland’s City Repair Project.

Public Talk: “The Village Lives: Placemaking & the Remaking of a Modern City”, Friday January 8th, 2016, from 7-9 pm at the Lester Centre of the Arts. Tickets are $15 and are available through the Lester Centre.

Weekend Workshop: “Placemaking Nuts & Bolt”, 2 days of hands-on learning Saturday, January 9th from 9 am – 5 pm, and Sunday, January 10th from 9:30 am to 12:30 pm.  To attend, register at Eventbrite. The corporate rate for the workshop is $260/person; and $160/person for public

Join other citizens in creating and improving public spaces, re-imagining them as the heart of our community.

To learn more about Mark Lakeman and the City Repair Project, check out his TED talk. 

placemaking - original with nview logo copy

2015 Coastal Food and Gardening Series – From Planting to the Plate

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2015 Coastal Food and Gardening Series – From Planting to the Plate

Come learn more about gardening and food in Prince Rupert.  Presentations include topics on gardening, seed ordering, indigenous foods, permaculture, community gardens, urban agriculture, and more.  Hands-on workshops will give you a chance to try out planting techniques, container gardening, and hanging baskets.   All presentations are at 7:00 pm, room 155, in the Northwest Community College.  Workshop locations will be announced prior to the workshop events.coastal-gardening-series poster-2015

Summer 2012 Update!

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Summer 2012 Update!

If you are new to Transition Prince Rupert, and would like an overview of exactly what a Transition Initiative is, please read the following article written for the Vancouver Observer in March 2012.

Recent news:

1. Transition Prince Rupert kicked off phase 1 of the movement by launching our website and social media campaign in April of 2012. Our group has put many hours and energy into ensuring a solid base for this initiative, and we are proud to announce that we are moving into community engagement this Fall by releasing a public events schedule for Sept-Dec 2012. This schedule will be sent out via e-mail (PDF), and will also be accessible on our website and facebook page. Please stay tuned for an exciting list of upcoming events!

2. Ken Shaw, professor at NWCC with an extensive background in agriculture, permaculture and Bioresource Engineering, recently attended the Transition US Trainers conference and Transition THRIVE training in Chicago taught by Sophy Banks and Naresh Giangrande, co-founders of the Transition UK movement.  Ken connected with organizers from Europe, Canada and the United States and is now collaborating on a Transition advisory committee based out of the University of Toronto. Ken also attended the Sustainable Communities Summer School held in partnership with Village Vancouver.  More information is available at:

3. Lee Brain will be leaving Sept 7th-Sept 25th to Europe to attend two international conferences, including the International Transition Network Conference in London, England and the International Young Naturefriends conference in Krakow, Poland sponsored by the European Union and Council of Europe. I will be attending the Transition Conference as a Canadian representative for the Transition movement, as well as speaking at the conference and participating in the global hubs meeting. In addition, I will be taking a train to the small community of Totnes, in Devon, where Transition began in 2005. I will spend 4 days touring their community to see first-hand what sustainable systems look like fully established and implemented. I hope to bring back some of the latest thoughts and practical applications for Prince Rupert on energy, food, economics, governance and more in relation to sustainable community development.

Although Transition in Prince Rupert has been in the making since January of 2011, we have developed deep roots and ensured proper grounding was in place for a sustained, long term momentum building process. Now, the time has come for more hands and new leaders to emerge as we collectively navigate positive solutions in response to the uncertain future of peak oil, climate change and global economic instability.

What we have accomplished so far:

  • Conducted a variety of public presentations to different groups in the community
  • Hosted a major presentation to the public – May 2011:

Part 1: (Ken: Why Transition?)
Part 2: (Lee: How Transition Works)

  • Flew 2 professional trainers up to Prince Rupert – Sept & Oct 2011:

Michelle Colussi, Canadian Center for Community Renewal – Transition LAUNCH Workshop
Julian Griggs, Dovetail Consulting Ltd. – Professional Facilitation & Effective Group Process Workshop

Part 1: Lee Brain on Engaging Young People in Transition
Part 2: Facilitation & The Story of Transition Prince Rupert

  • Transition Prince Rupert made a variety of news outlets:

Movement Hopes To Prepare Prince Rupert For A World Without Oil – Originally Published in The Northern View on April 8, 2012
Transition From A Northerly Perspective – Originally Published on the Village Vancouver Blog on March 24th, 2012
A Call To Transition To A Post-Oil World – Originally Published in The Vancouver Observer on March 12, 2012
Transition Towns: Communities Move Toward Independence – Originally Published in the October 2011 Edition of Northword Magazine
Life After Oil: On Transition Communities – Originally Published in the July 2011 Edition of the Muskeg News

1,176 visits and 4,775 pageviews with an average of 6 minutes per visit since April 1, 2012

  • Partnered with the Backyard Hen Initiative (workshops to come)
  • Partnered with the Modern Education Course at CHSS (1 hour documentary, student mentorship program, youtube link to come)
  • Gathered an e-mail list of over 200 individuals

Stay tuned for the Fall Schedule!

Store In Terrace To Become Eco-Conscious Social Enterprise

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Store In Terrace To Become Eco-Conscious Social Enterprise

Here’s an excerpt from a news article that was originally posted at the Terrace Standard

“THERE’S A new-concept store coming to Terrace and its philosophy is to be an eco-conscious social enterprise.

Pioneered by the Terrace and District Community Services Society, the store which will be located in the old garden centre on the former Terrace Co-op property on Greig Ave. will be selling items refurbished.

These will be refurbished items  that would otherwise have been tossed into the trash.

But the key here is not to turn a profit, at least one that will line the pockets of a private interest. Instead, that money will go to getting people in the community job ready, and the refurbishing work to be done there will teach essential skills as well.

“We want to invest in people,” said Casey Eys, who works for the community services society and who is managing the project. “We want to use that as a vehicle for people to get retrained or reintroduced into the workforce.”’

Click here to read more

Welcome To Transition Prince Rupert!

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Welcome To Transition Prince Rupert!

Welcome to Phase 1 of Transition Prince Rupert!

This year we will be focusing on awareness raising, training and education.

This blog is meant to keep you up to date on the latest Transition events and projects.

The first and primary way to get involved is to learn about Transition.

Please see the Start Here and Transition 101 pages