Placemaking at the Cow Bay Marina

At the request of the City and Cow Bay Marina, at the end of February, Transition Prince Rupert facilitated a small placemaking workshop to pick the brains of local boaters, relevant non-profits, and local businesses to look at opportunities for placemaking at the public breakwater. The intent of the workshop was to brainstorm some ideas around how to make the public breakwater an inviting, usable, and dynamic public space.  These recommendations also will take time and local energy to implement, but considering how much the space is already being used, we think the energy and potential is there for some very successful placemaking.

The report and it’s recommendations can be found here on our website: Cow Bay Marina – Placemaking – Report. If you have additional ideas regarding potential events/placemaking activities for the public dock, please contact the Cow Bay Marina Manager.

placemaking report this link


Thank you very much to all who participated!