Recycling Mods

City Garbage Can Recycling Attachments

Team Leader: Bond Jonas

Organization: Transition Prince Rupert


Team: Pat Murray, Emily Rudderham, Lee Brain

Update: We have a meeting scheduled with City Works to discuss this idea

Project Outline: 


This project’s focus is a one-step-up in conjunction with the service provided by the City’s downtown garbage receptacles.  We would like to construct an attachment to the city garbage cans to carry empty beverage containers. More beverage containers would be recycled rather than ending up in the garbage or littered

around town, people would be further discouraged from digging into the garbage for recyclable beverage containers, and the culmination of all of these would have a noticeable impact on the visual appearance of the City to citizens and tourists.

We are working with a local fabricator’s design, which compensates for weather and wear, durability and long life with remote possibility towards vandalism, at a very low cost, with ease of installation, i.e. bolted or banded to the outer sidewalk front of the round garage receptacles. As shown, the item is compact, use efficient, takes up a small amount of area, won’t interfere with the maneuverability of the receptacles, doesn’t provide a secondary place for garbage accumulation, and allows rain to pass through.

We would like to work with the City on implementing and monitoring this project, and propose that a trial period whereby one or a few prototypes are installed on garbage receptacles in prime-need locations.

How to be involved:

If approved by the City, we will need help with painting the attachments. Please contact the team leader for more details on how to be involved.