Store In Terrace To Become Eco-Conscious Social Enterprise

Here’s an excerpt from a news article that was originally posted at the Terrace Standard

“THERE’S A new-concept store coming to Terrace and its philosophy is to be an eco-conscious social enterprise.

Pioneered by the Terrace and District Community Services Society, the store which will be located in the old garden centre on the former Terrace Co-op property on Greig Ave. will be selling items refurbished.

These will be refurbished items  that would otherwise have been tossed into the trash.

But the key here is not to turn a profit, at least one that will line the pockets of a private interest. Instead, that money will go to getting people in the community job ready, and the refurbishing work to be done there will teach essential skills as well.

“We want to invest in people,” said Casey Eys, who works for the community services society and who is managing the project. “We want to use that as a vehicle for people to get retrained or reintroduced into the workforce.”’

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