Summer 2012 Update!

If you are new to Transition Prince Rupert, and would like an overview of exactly what a Transition Initiative is, please read the following article written for the Vancouver Observer in March 2012.

Recent news:

1. Transition Prince Rupert kicked off phase 1 of the movement by launching our website and social media campaign in April of 2012. Our group has put many hours and energy into ensuring a solid base for this initiative, and we are proud to announce that we are moving into community engagement this Fall by releasing a public events schedule for Sept-Dec 2012. This schedule will be sent out via e-mail (PDF), and will also be accessible on our website and facebook page. Please stay tuned for an exciting list of upcoming events!

2. Ken Shaw, professor at NWCC with an extensive background in agriculture, permaculture and Bioresource Engineering, recently attended the Transition US Trainers conference and Transition THRIVE training in Chicago taught by Sophy Banks and Naresh Giangrande, co-founders of the Transition UK movement.  Ken connected with organizers from Europe, Canada and the United States and is now collaborating on a Transition advisory committee based out of the University of Toronto. Ken also attended the Sustainable Communities Summer School held in partnership with Village Vancouver.  More information is available at:

3. Lee Brain will be leaving Sept 7th-Sept 25th to Europe to attend two international conferences, including the International Transition Network Conference in London, England and the International Young Naturefriends conference in Krakow, Poland sponsored by the European Union and Council of Europe. I will be attending the Transition Conference as a Canadian representative for the Transition movement, as well as speaking at the conference and participating in the global hubs meeting. In addition, I will be taking a train to the small community of Totnes, in Devon, where Transition began in 2005. I will spend 4 days touring their community to see first-hand what sustainable systems look like fully established and implemented. I hope to bring back some of the latest thoughts and practical applications for Prince Rupert on energy, food, economics, governance and more in relation to sustainable community development.

Although Transition in Prince Rupert has been in the making since January of 2011, we have developed deep roots and ensured proper grounding was in place for a sustained, long term momentum building process. Now, the time has come for more hands and new leaders to emerge as we collectively navigate positive solutions in response to the uncertain future of peak oil, climate change and global economic instability.

What we have accomplished so far:

  • Conducted a variety of public presentations to different groups in the community
  • Hosted a major presentation to the public – May 2011:

Part 1: msp hack 2017 (Ken: Why Transition?)
Part 2: (Lee: How Transition Works)

  • Flew 2 professional trainers up to Prince Rupert – Sept & Oct 2011:

Michelle Colussi, Canadian Center for Community Renewal – Transition LAUNCH Workshop
Julian Griggs, Dovetail Consulting Ltd. – Professional Facilitation & Effective Group Process Workshop

Part 1: Lee Brain on Engaging Young People in Transition
Part 2: Facilitation & The Story of Transition Prince Rupert

  • Transition Prince Rupert made a variety of news outlets:

Movement Hopes To Prepare Prince Rupert For A World Without Oil – Originally Published in The Northern View on April 8, 2012
Transition From A Northerly Perspective – Originally Published on the Village Vancouver Blog on March 24th, 2012
A Call To Transition To A Post-Oil World – Originally Published in The Vancouver Observer on March 12, 2012
Transition Towns: Communities Move Toward Independence – Originally Published in the October 2011 Edition of Northword Magazine
Life After Oil: On Transition Communities – Originally Published in the July 2011 Edition of the Muskeg News

1,176 visits and 4,775 pageviews with an average of 6 minutes per visit since April 1, 2012

  • Partnered with the Backyard Hen Initiative (workshops to come)
  • Partnered with the Modern Education Course at CHSS (1 hour documentary, student mentorship program, youtube link to come)
  • Gathered an e-mail list of over 200 individuals

Stay tuned for the Fall Schedule!

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