Trails to Transition

Trails to Transition

Team Leaders: Christa Barette & Sarah Nickerson

Organization: Transition Prince Rupert

Contact: or

Team: Emily Rudderham, Christy Lauzon, Bond Jonas, Kyle Wingfield

Project Outline:TrailstoTransition1

Geo-caches will be planted by the Transition Trail Group around Prince Rupert in locations which, when sought out, will encourage community members to explore the natural wonders found right in their own backyards.

We will plant these geocaches during weekly excursions to group-selected trails.  During our excursions, we will do light spring ‘brushing’, thus providing the much-needed clearing required for community access to the trails as well to as our top-secret caches.

As time and resources allow, we will collect GPS data on the various trails. This data will be forwarded to other community members who are currently working on a comprehensive GPS database of the local trail systems.

In June, we will host an event.  Families and individuals will be invited to take bbwsdatewebsites part in this great geocache hunt.  Passports will be given out to be filled with stamps, which will be hidden at the highly classified geocache locations known only to ‘the Lucky Seven’ trail group members.

How to be involved:

Contact Christa or Sarah for more information