W Diamond Ranch Food & Farm

Welcome to W Diamond Ranch

Description: At W Diamond Ranch, in Telkwa, B.C., our ultimate goal is to produce an agricultural product that is clean, healthy, and good for the environment. We focus specifically on raising grass-fed, all-natural prime beef, and now also raise meat goats. Grains and produce are other crops we try to make available.

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The joy and satisfaction of being able to raise strong healthy children, and knowing that we can be fully accountable for our land and our animals, causes us to continually search for better ways to practice good land management and animal husbandry. Feeding our families comes first and we are happy when the community around us can share in our values and products.

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Quality, Local Products

  • Government Insepected
  • Grass Fed
  • Hormone Free
  • All Natural
  • Prime Beef

Farming like your life depends on it.
Responsible. Sustainable. Healthy.